Computer Vision (CV) Engineer

Job description

Strong Analytics is seeking Computer Vision (CV) engineers to help develop CV and machine learning solutions for clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500s. CV Engineers are core contributors at Strong, and are able to work end-to-end on a variety of CV-specific projects involving visual odometry, 3D reconstruction, movement tracking, and much more. The ideal candidate has expertise in Python and/or C++, has worked with embedded and resource-constrained systems, and has experience optimizing custom vision models for production deployments.

At Strong, your work will have an immediate impact on clients addressing real world challenges. Our work spans industries such as manufacturing, gaming, agriculture, automotive, and healthcare, among others. We pride ourselves not only in building the right solutions for our clients through research and development, but in implementing and scaling up those solutions through strong engineering. This role thus requires a deep expertise in applying computer vision and machine learning to real-world problems where data must be gathered, transformed, cleaned, integrated into a larger architecture, and deployed.


  • Work with other machine learning scientists and engineers to develop custom CV/ML solutions for a variety of industries and use cases

  • Build machine learning pipelines from ideation up through prototyping, development, and deployment

  • Develop, train, and validate machine learning algorithms

  • Optimize custom vision models for deployment on embedded systems (e.g. nVidia Jetson, Xavier, Google Coral)

  • Help create generalized solutions out of specific use cases

  • Help identify areas of opportunity and improvement within projects

  • Research new techniques and technologies in the CV space and evaluate their potential for business use cases

  • Collaborate in a fully remote, Agile-like environment using tools like Slack and Git (with a lot of uninterrupted development time)

We offer a comprehensive compensation package, including:

  • Competitive salary

  • 100%-covered Health insurance for employees, 75%-covered dependents

  • Four weeks PTO

  • 401(k) with employer contribution matching

  • Personalized monthly perks with matched charitable donations

  • A 100% remote work environment with highly protected work/life balance


Applicants must reside in either the US or Canada. All applicants will be considered based on their experience and demonstrated skill/aptitude, not formal education. Candidates will be evaluated based on their experience in the following areas (though no one is expected to be an expert in all of these):

  • Experience in image processing, computer vision, and machine learning

  • Expertise with traditional CV approaches (e.g., OpenCV)

  • Classification, detection, and segmentation approaches

  • Visual odometry and SLAM

  • 3D reconstruction techniques

  • Visual object tracking

  • Model optimization (quantization, sparsification, etc.)

  • Expertise with Python and/or C++

  • Building deep neural networks with modern tools, such as PyTorch or Tensorflow

  • Building, testing, and deploying computer vision based solutions

  • Collaborating via Git